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Document Management System for Sage Evolution


Are you drowning in documents? Time to switch to a new level of document management integrated within Sage Evolution.

The Document Management System (‘DMS’) allows you to easily manage your business documents in one central place within Sage Evolution. It can be used in a web-environment as well as an add-on module for Sage Evolution. By using the DMS Evolution module the user can upload documents and files directly into the DMS from Sage Evolution.

How does it work?

DMS for Sage Evolution provides you with a valuable experience regarding document management and easy solution to store and link your documents from within Sage Evolution, while providing easy access to the documents through a web interface. This web interface could be restricted to only local access, or allow external access for those users who work outside of your office.
The integration of the Document Management System in Sage Evolution allows users to attach documents to master data and transactional records within Sage Evolution, ensuring that documents are stored at and linked to the most logical location. Furthermore, DMS allows you to:
Control, create and authenticate documents
Ensure security and safety of documents by preventing unauthorized access; as you can deploy the DMS server on your own (Evolution) server, all documents will be safely stored on your own server, with your own IT security;
Track, display and compare document versions;


Keeping your crucial business documents in one central place and linking them to the relevant data in your Sage Evolution ERP system, will significantly help you manage your audits and your internal record keeping.

  • Multi company support within one DMS system, supporting multiple Evolution
  • Easy access to related documents within Sage
  • Easy scanning directly from DMS within Sage
  • Better document management with DMS they become easier to organize, locate and retrieve
  • Reducing/eliminating risk of losing documents by creating back-up files
  • Easy storing and linking documents within Evolution to their relevant Evolution records
  • Tagging of documents to keep scattered files together
  • Easy audits trails even with drill downs into transactions
  • Easy uploading, e-mailing and downloading of documents downloading multiple documents in the document ‘baskets’
  • Easy sharing share files/documents with other users/colleagues regardless of their location
  • Customization, tailor made for you; of DMS on request (outside standard linkable records) within Sage Evolution or any other system


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