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Made simple

Are you an innovative and rapidly growing company? Are you looking for ways to fully engage your employees in your business processes and to provide key parties with first-hand access to crucial business information?

– We understand your business.

The Asamco Platform is an online application, aimed at facilitating the flow of information between your company(s), employees and investors. A spread of modules is available within the platform, the access to which is fully customizable and strictly dependent on the access specifications per user.

Key Benefits

  • Secure Azure platform
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Easy-to-operate online environment
  • Real-time access to all relevant documents
  • Access to key business information anywhere and at any time from any device
  • Seamless integration with Sage Evolution
  • Advanced business management on a single platform
  • Possibility for simultaneous access to multiple companies
  • Strict segregation of organizations, companies, and connected apps
  • Access to various company applications from one platform
  • Single sign-on for all applications
  • User and/or group approval
  • Facilitated flow of information between your company(s), employees and any key (third) parties.
  • Endless possibilities to do smart business
  • Ideal for having a helicopter view over the business!



Default applications

By default, the Asamco Platform has two linked applications per company.


Document Management System (DMS)

Are you tired of the endless document-filing processes? Are you looking for means of facilitated document management? – The DMS application facilitates the storing of and access to company and organizational documents. Files are organized per company, and users with access to a company do, accordingly, have access to the documents, linked to that same company. Further, users can upload documents per company themselves, according to permissions set.

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Reporting Module

Are you looking to accelerate your reporting performance? Do you want an easy-to-operate software for creating flawless and impressive reports? – The Reporting module allows for the effortless creation and management of company and organizational reports. Selected reports can be downloaded, and new reports can be created, using pre-set structures within the Reporting Wizard, and modifying report layouts.

Evolution Online (EvoOnline)

The Evo online module is a web-based application, integrated with the Asamco Platform, allowing for the facilitated online management of Evolution accounts, projects and more.

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Add-on applications

Two additional applications for the Asamco Platform are available upon request.

Electronic Purchase Order (EPO)

The EPO web-based application allows for the facilitated management of your procurement processes with all relevant information directly accessible from the company’s database. Users can easily navigate through approved or rejected orders, and a lot more.

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Loan Management System (LMS)

The online LMS application provides for the seamless management of loans with great flexibility directly through the platform. Loans, created and maintained through the platform, can easily be transferred to the LMS software at any given point in time.

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