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Resource Allocation


What is Resource Allocation?

Resource Allocation (RA) is an add-on online module for Sage Evolution, fully compatible with the Farming Module. The module is designed to provide you with facilitated control of your resource-planning and allocation activities. Keep track of all your stock issuance, asset and resource allocations in a single environment and accelerate your business today.

Why Farming Module?

Plan your resources: With fully configurable workflows, you can easily plan your resources and post the actuals in your Sage Evolution database.

Stock Issuing Module: Set up approvals for your stock requisitions. Manage the stock issuing and post fully issued stock directly into Sage Evolution.


We understand that every business is unique and we are ready to build in any additional business-specific requirements to enhance your business operations.

Key Features

  • Extensive resource-planning tool
  • Facilitated capturing of actuals, based on daily planning
  • Approval-intensive stock requisions
  • Automatic intercompany invoicing
  • Remotely-accessible and user-friendly web environment
  • Customizable reporting
  • Full integration with Sage Evolution
  • Reversed BoM processing – You can now assemple and/or break down products according to your business needs.

Intercompany transactions

The Resource Allocation module enables you to plan resources and issue stock cross-database, therey catering for intercompany transactions. – Intercompany invoices are automatically created by the application.
What is more, the application provides a configurable mark-up percentage on intercompany sales, permitting invoicing both at arm’s length and at cost.