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Farming Module for Sage Evolution

– Say YES to facilitated process management and take your business to the next level!


Why Farming Module?

Boots on the ground, from agricultural operations to manufacturing plants, are you engaged in multiple-step-production processes? Are you looking for an easy, extensive and faultless way to capture your costs across all manufacturing processes and report your work in progress? – Look no more! The Farming module allows you to record all resources used and eventually finalize the manufacturing process and transfer your freshly “harvested” stock to the inventory module.

The FarmingModule is an add-on for SAGE Evolution, designed to help you capture and capitalize various production costs (i.e. fixed assets, inventory items, GL accounts, employee costs) simultaneously, and ease the recordkeeping of your work in progress. The module will allow you to “harvest” your production processes into either inventory items or fixed assets, directly usable in SAGE Evolution for further processing. Organize your production processes with precision and accuracy and save time and money in managing your business.

Key Features

  • Complete (financial) overview of all transactions on a project.
  • Seamlessly integrated with all other Sage Evolution modules.
  • Permissions and system tree elements manageable
    with the Sage Evolution permission structure
  • Customized Reporting
  • Creation of stocks with variable cost inputs
  • Defined activities
  • Link of cost lines to particular activities
  • Supported UOM
  • Full support for lot tracking
  • Nutrients applied to the field can be tracked
  • Revaluation of (cropping) projects to fair value
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) for pre-defining expected inputs
  • Pro-rata allocation of other costs (GL) to manufacturing projects

Key Benefits

  • Full integration with Sage Evolution
  • Timely information on present and required resources
  • Detailed process- and resource-planning possibilities through
    bills of materials
  • Possibility for dividing a single manufacturing process into
    multiple sub-processes and using the output of one subprocess
    as an input for another
  • Facilitated cost allocation, based on actual inputs
  • Simplified product-pricing processes
  • Possibility to track works in progress
  • Easy comparison between planned in- and output amounts
    and actuals, as well as between planned and actual production
  • Fully configurable workflow setup
  • Endless reporting possibilities

The module is customizable and fully compliant with both farming and manufacturing processes.


The Farming Module was initially targeted at farming-related companies. Take advantage of the following benefits and enjoy facilitated agricultural manufacturing processes:

  • Reporting
    • Daily Harvest
    • Control of Out growers
  • Keep track of all ongoing processes directly in Sage Evolution
  • Record of all resources, utilized in the agricultural processes
  • Enjoy a facilitated transfer of the freshly “harvested” stock to inventory



The Farming Module is also fully suitable for manufacture-oriented companies. Next to the features, available for farming, you can further benefit from the additional features, available to our manufacturing clients:

  • Create production “templates” through pre-defined BoMs
  • Link BoMs to new manufactures
  • Set expected production quantity
  • Have the system automatically calculate the required amount of inputs for the production of the set product quantity, based on the chosen BoM, and generate manufacture lines simultaneously
  • Take advantage of facilitated manufacturing and pricing processes


Combine the Farming Module with Resource Allocation and take your business to the next level.