Business Software, Consulting and Development

Welcome to Asamco

We provide services to implement ERP software, software development, PowerBI and other consulting services.

Offering both Windows applications, web-applications, as well as mobile applications in combination with our business process and implementation consulting services we take automation and control of our customers’ business processes to the next level.

Explore the endless possibilities we offer!


Power BI

We offer developing visuals using the Power BI platform. Transform data into stunning visuals and share them with colleagues on any device.
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Sage Products

Step into an entirely new dimension in business management software. Manage your business through the easy-to-use Sage ERP software.
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Software Development

We offer full-cycle business software development services for web, mobile and desktop that have already brought value to several businesses.
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Loan Management System


Gain absolute control over the management of your loans, with a dynamic and configurable software, fully integrated with Sage Evolution and the Document Management System (DMS).
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Electronic Purchase Order


Gain ultimate control and streamline your purchase processes using fully configurable workflows, a dynamic web-based application and seamless integration to Sage Evolution.
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Document Management System


Save time, keep all your crucial business documents in one central place and link them directly to the relevant data within Sage Evolution. DMS allows for the facilitated management of audits and internal recordkeeping, and enables provides for simplified access to your company files from anywhere in the world.
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Asamco Platform

Ensure the direct flow of information between you and your employees, and enable facilitated decision-making. The Asamco Platform offers you a great variety of business management tools on a a single online platform.
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