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Farming Module for Sage Evolution


Why Farming Module?

Keep track of all on-going agricultural manufacturing processes directly in Sage Evolution. The Farming module allows you to record all resources used and eventually finalize the manufacturing process and transfer your freshly “harvested” stock to the inventory module.

Key Features

  • Complete (financial) overview of all transactions on a project.
  • Seamlessly integrated with all other Sage Evolution modules.
  • Permissions and system tree elements manageable
    with the Sage Evolution permission structure
  • Customized Reporting
    • Daily Harvest
    • Control of Out growers

Key Benefits

  • Create stock with variable costing inputs
  • Define activities and link your cost lines to an activity
  • UOM are supported
  • Full support to lot track your harvest
  • Nutrients applied to the field can be tracked
  • Revaluate your (cropping) projects and report them at fair value
  • Bill of Materials for pre-defining expected inputs
  • Pro-rata allocation of other costs (GL) to manufacturing projects