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Farming Module for Sage Evolution

– Say YES to facilitated process management and take your business to the next level!


Why Farming Module?

Keep track of all ongoing manufacturing processes directly in Sage Evolution. This add-on module allows you to record all resources used through a Work in Progress (WiP) account and to finalize the manufacturing process by transferring the finished goods from WiP to Inventory.

Key Features

  • Complete (financial) overview of all transactions on a project.
  • Seamlessly integrated with all other Sage Evolution modules.
  • Permissions and system tree elements manageable
    with the Sage Evolution permission structure
  • Customized Reporting
  • Creation of stocks with variable cost inputs
  • Defined activities
  • Link of cost lines to particular activities
  • Supported UOM
  • Full support for lot tracking
  • Nutrients applied to the field can be tracked
  • Revaluation of (cropping) projects to fair value
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) for pre-defining expected inputs
  • Pro-rata allocation of other costs (GL) to manufacturing projects

Key Benefits

  • Full integration with Sage Evolution
  • Timely information on present and required resources
  • Detailed process- and resource-planning possibilities through
    bills of materials
  • Possibility for dividing a single manufacturing process into
    multiple sub-processes and using the output of one subprocess
    as an input for another
  • Facilitated cost allocation, based on actual inputs
  • Simplified product-pricing processes
  • Possibility to track works in progress
  • Easy comparison between planned in- and output amounts
    and actuals, as well as between planned and actual production
  • Fully configurable workflow setup
  • Endless reporting possibilities

The module is customizable and fully compliant with both farming and manufacturing processes.


The Farming Module was initially targeted at farming-related companies. Take advantage of the following benefits and enjoy facilitated agricultural manufacturing processes:

  • Reporting
    • Daily Harvest
    • Control of Out growers
  • Keep track of all ongoing processes directly in Sage Evolution
  • Record of all resources, utilized in the agricultural processes
  • Enjoy a facilitated transfer of the freshly “harvested” stock to inventory



The Farming Module is also fully suitable for manufacture-oriented companies. Next to the features, available for farming, you can further benefit from the additional features, available to our manufacturing clients:

  • Create production “templates” through pre-defined BoMs
  • Link BoMs to new manufactures
  • Set expected production quantity
  • Have the system automatically calculate the required amount of inputs for the production of the set product quantity, based on the chosen BoM, and generate manufacture lines simultaneously
  • Take advantage of facilitated manufacturing and pricing processes


Combine the Farming Module with Resource Allocation and take your business to the next level.