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Loan Management System

In need of professional, easy to use and efficient lending software within Sage Evolution?

We developed a system/add-on for Sage Evolution that allows you to capture, maintain, calculate and track your company’s borrowing and lending. The Loan Management System (‘LMS’) gives you complete control of your lending products.

How does it work?

LMS allows you to:

Store and track key information

Capturing of information used for calculations or reports (e.g. name of loan, agreement date etc.)

Interest calculation options

Clients can select for each loan whether the interest is subject to a fixed interest rate, should be simple or compounded and which day count convention should be used in the calculations

Automation of transactions

Creation of the calculated interest transactions is automated. No need for the user to remember to carry them out (at particular times)/type individual line entries separately.

Posting and integration with Sage Pastel Evolution

In order to use LMS, the user must have Sage Evolution. However, transactions in LMS do not need to be posted to Evolution. At any time the user can post and check the loan record. LMS easily marks and keeps track of the transactions in the loan record and can give a detailed report on it.


Unlimited foreign currencies can be set up. LMS home currency corresponds to the Evolution home currency.



EPO distinguishes itself from the Evolution procurement module by offering the following functionalities:

– Easily manage,
calculate, track and maintain your lending products
– Easily calculate your loans interest
and see where your payment is going.
– Enjoy the freedom of lending process automation,
no need to type individual line entries separately or to remember yourself to carry out tasks.
– Simplify the lending lifecycle
and get comprehensive, clear and flexible reports
–  Seamless integration with Sage Evolution
as an add-on
– Directly view all your loans, documents and linked loans
without the hassle of downloading a separate system.
– Manage your loans in every currency
unlimited foreign currencies can be set-up
– Link and compare relevant databases
when maintaining loans for multiple companies
– Easy document storage,
saving and downloading or link to loan records







Additional features

Assignment of loans

LMS software automatically closes down an old loan and create a new one when another party is taking over the loan received/given (or 2 new loans when LMS is the middlemen between two parties)

Database comparison for group companies

The relevant database can be linked when maintaining loans for multiple companies

Data protection and security

Multi-password protected users (groups)/control access

Document storage

Storing and saving documents independently or linked to loan records; can be downloaded later on


Detailed info about each loan (all info required for financial statements in home and foreign currency); flexible, clear, comprehensive reports


Customisable grids and layouts/skins

Flexible search options

Loan grids contain all info field about all loans; user can create filters, sort and group on any available field


Click here for a demo video